China cotton project

Project characteristics

Location: China (Xinjiang – area which provides ~10% of global cotton production)

Commodities: Cotton

Scale: Farm 1 (666 hectares, 66 set aside for this project) & Farm 2 ( 9,967 hectares, 33 set aside for this project)

Start & end date: 2018-2019

Project phase: Proof of concept

Farming Model: Established large farms

Type of sourcing: TBD

Partners: RARE & South Pole

Project details

Description: Kering is delighted to share a study to help the fashion and textile industries transition to more sustainable cotton. By working hand-in-hand with cotton farmers in China, this project assessed the feasibility of implementing regenerative farming practices.

  • Support farmer livelihood
  • Keep carbon in the soil
  • Increase capacity of soils to hold water
  • Enhance farm biodiversity
  • Reduce excessive use of synthetic  agro-chemical inputs

Practices: The project aimed to highlight a pathway to scale up climate-compatible agricultural practices in the cotton industry. It focused on two types of interventions at the farm-level, using largescale cotton farms in Xinjiang, China as case studies. Interventions included transitioning land into organic farming, introducing improved composting practices, and planting windbreaks. Working with the farmers and project partners, we then measured the resulting changes, notably improved carbon sequestration, soil biodiversity, and improvements in crop yields/farmer livelihoods. At scale, these types of interventions have the potential to create positive benefits for farmers, communities, and the environment, as well as help businesses achieve their science-based targets for carbon.

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