Project RiLeaf

Project characteristics

Location: Malaysia (Kinabatangan River, Sabah)

Commodities: Oil palm plantations and smallholdings, small-scale vegetable farming

Scale: 1 million trees, 3500 hectares

Start & end date: Launched September 2011, first million trees planting phase scheduled to end Q3 2020

Project phase: Scaling up

Type of ecosytem: Tropical riparian and wetlands jungle

Key partners: Sime Darby Foundation (co-funders), Sabah Forest Department, Sabah Wildlife Department, NGOs (HUTAN/Kinabatangan Orang Utan Conservation Prog, PONGO Alliance, REDD+), local community, Habitat (project management), US & EH (seedling planters) and KAPOK (forest seedlings)

Project details

Description: Riparian reforestation initiative to restore the natural riverine buffer to minimize water degradation caused by soil sedimentation and chemical fertilizer run-offs, thereby giving the river a chance to repair itself over the course of time. Last phase 2018-2020 extended to restoration of wildlife corridors

Practices: Indigenous forest species planted from 500 to 1500pts/ha

Video description: For more information on ProjectRiLeaf Tastes, please watch this video.

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