Mongolia sustainable cashmere project

Project characteristics

Location: South Gobi, Mongolia

Commodities: Cashmere

Scale: 140 herder families across 250k hectares of rangeland

Start & end date: Started in 2015, still ongoing

Project phase: Scaling

Farming model: Rangelands/Livestock

Key partners: Conservation NGO (Wildlife Conservation Socieity), earth system researchers (Stanford University, NASA) and a mining company (Oyu Tolgoi mine, subsidiary of Rio Tinto)

Project details

Description: Introduction of sustainable practices to improve rangeland health, animal health, herder livelihoods, cashmere quality and reduce negative impacts on biodiversity

Practices: Rotational grazing, optimized stocking rates, wildlife photo monitoring, breeding programs (incl. artificial insemination) to improve cashmere quality, premium paid to herders

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