NORAM Regenerative Agriculture & Soil Health Program

Project characteristics

Location: USA (10 states)

Commodities: Danone focuses on grains (Corn Grain/silage, Oats, Wheat, Barley, Alfalfa, Soy), Almonds and Milk farming

Scale: Our target is to reach 100k acres by 2023. In 2020 we have reached 75k acres, 26 dairies and their grower footprint

Start & end date: 2017 – no end date

Project phase: Proof of concept (recruiting the farmer for the pilot farms)

Farming Model: Established large farms

Type of sourcing: Direct sourcing from farmers

Key partners: Sustainable Environmental Consultants (EcoPractices); National Fish and Wildlife foundation; Soil Health Institute; Green America; Cornell University

Project details

Description:Accompany our farmers in the transition towards regenerative agriculture by implementing best practices on soil, biodiversity and water management

Practices: Cover crops and mulching, no-till or reduced till, increased and more diverse crop rotations, soil moisture probes, wildlife coxes, increased biodiversity in rotation and as small habitats, reduced chemical inputs, increased manure application efficiency, energy audits, water risk assessments

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