Regenerating natural ecosystems to restore biodiversity and develop large scale carbon sinks. Application of an innovative drone-seeding approach

Project characteristics

Location: Ivory coast (forest Agbo 2 in Arrah – Moronou region)

Commodities: n.a.

Scale: 15k ha in 5 years (potential to further scale up)

Start & end date: Start in May 2020 and scale up until 2025

Project phase: Proof of concept

Type of ecosytem: Forest area with 50% degradation

Partners: Land Life Company, Dendra systems (drone planting company), carbon accounting/CO2 credits/carbon intelligence consultants, ecological powerhouse institutes & local governments

Project details

Description: Large-scale restoration via drone-seeding of degraded areas to replenish carbon sinks and restore ecosystem corridors

  • Mitigate climate change

  • Support livelihood of local communities

  • Restore biodiversity through habitat restoration & increased connectivity

  • Avoid further ecosystem conversion

Restoration actions: Tree planting (aerial via drones)

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