Sustainable Sourcing Program for Vegetables

Project characteristics

Location: Global scope, so far implemented in EU 4 regions: Badajoz (Spain), Laon (France), Lüchow (Germany) & Emilia Romagna (Parma & Piacenza, Italy)

Commodities: 4 crops : tomatoes, bell peppers, onions & carrots. The program is (almost) fully applicable for many other vegetable crops

Scale: 95 farms (~1,4k cultivated ha) for 2020 activities

Start & end date: Start in May 2018, no planned end date

Project phase: Proof of concept

Farming Model: Established large farms & smallholders

Type of sourcing: Indirect sourcing from traders

Partners: NGOs: Fundación Global Nature in Spain & Sustainable Agriculture Network (international)

Project details

Description: Ensuring respect of ethical standards and reducing the impact of agricultural practices on the environment within the company’s vegetables supply chain. 3 areas: traceability, compliance with ethical standards & creating shared value (actions to reduce environmental impact)

  • Support farmer livelihood
  • Keep carbon in the soil
  • Increase capacity of soils to hold water
  • Enhance farm biodiversity
  • Reduce excessive use of synthetic  agro-chemical inputs

Practices:  Farmer support (practices to increase yield, reduce farming costs & increase agro-ecosystems resilience); keep carbon in the soil (crop rotations, soil covers, supplementary organic matter applications); farm biodiversity (soil covers, rotation, crop diversification, ecological infrastructures e.g. bat/bird refugees, buffer/flowering strips, pollination services support); agro-chemical inputs (non-chemical pest control, low-toxicity substances, pest & conditions monitoring), increase capacity of soils to keep water (tbd)

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