Sustainable Vanilla

Project characteristics

Location: Madagascar: SAVA Region (district Andapa / Sambava and Antalaha

Commodities: Vanilla and other plant species relevant for Fragrance and Flavor creation, such as ginger, clove and others

Scale: 5,568 farmers & 2324 hectares of vanilla

Start & end date: 2012 ongoing

Project phase: At scale

Farming Model: Smallholders

Type of sourcing: Direct sourcing from farmers

Partners: Companies (Unilever, Kellogg Company), GIZ (German Society for International Collaboration), Save the Children, Rural Cap Development & local NGOs Graines de vie, Union Nationale des Maisons Familiales et Rurales Malagasy & Saf FJKM)

Project details

Description: Establish a transparent & sustainable vanilla supply chain supportive of vanilla farming communities seeking to strengthen economic resilience of farmers, while protecting the environmental ecosystem and strengthening social cohesion in the farming communities

  • Support farmer livelihood
  • Keep carbon in the soil
  • Increase capacity of soils to hold water
  • Enhance farm biodiversity
  • Reduce excessive use of synthetic agro-chemical inputs

Practices:Farmer support (health insurance, cash advances on crops, food & cash crop diversification, agricultural colleges for next generation, small animal health care, training on farm mgmt. & financial education, premiums for quality and certification); Keep carbon in the soil (intercropping, no tillage, cover crops); Enhance farm biodiversity (conservation of endemic species, hedges, livestock, organic farming, trees nurseries), no use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides on farms

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