The BBS Sustainable Commodities Partnership (‘BBS KEKAL’)

Project characteristics

Location: Indonesia: Bukit Barisan Selatan (BBS) National Park in Sumatra

Commodities: Coffee (main source of farmer income) planted as mono-culture or intercropped with pepper, fruit trees and annual crops and vegetables.

Scale: 2019-2020: engaging c. 2000 farmers in priority areas
2020-2023: improving protection of priority areas, Pugung Tampak and Lumbok resorts (c. 27,000 ha of forest)
Scaling up: improving protection of National Park (c. 318,000 ha)

Start & end date: Jan 2019 – end 2023 (proof of concept and phase one implementation)

Scaling up – 2023 onwards

Project phase: Proof of concept (from 2019 to 2020)

Type of ecosytem: Terrestrial rainforests, part of the UNESCO Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra World Heritage Site

Key partners: Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forest, BBS National Park Authority, Provincial and district government agencies, Wildlife Conservation Society, communities in eight pilot villages (in Lumbok and Pugung Tampak resorts) JDE, Nestle, Olam, HRNS.

Supporters: ECOM, Nedcoffee, Louis Dreyfus, Berindo Jaya,  Mayora, Enveritas, IDH

Project details

Description: Landscape partnership to support smallholder farmers (GAP-implementation, farmer group strengthening etc.) around the forest frontier to decouple agricultural production from deforestation and mitigate company supply chain risks, including to improve forest protection and restore forest connectivity within the BBS landscape.

  • Landscape approach (mosaic of ecosystems & land uses)

  • Mitigate climate change

  • Support livelihood of local communities

  • Restore biodiversity through habitat restoration & increased connectivity

  • Avoid further ecosystem conversion

Restoration actions: Reduce deforestation, improve protection and promote forest connectivity within a high value natural ecosystem in BBS National Park

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