Villavicencio Nature Reserve and Ramsar Site, a successful case of conservation on private land

Project characteristics

Location: Villavicencio Reserve in Argentina (Las Heras Department, Mendoza province)

Commodities: n.a

Scale: 75k hectares

Start & end date: 2000 property declared a Nature Reserve , 2010 project is restarted with appropriate mgmt. No end date as Danone owns the land in perpetuity

Project phase: At scale

Type of ecosytem: Terrestrial with forests, bushes & tall grasslands

Partners: 4 NGOs (Fundación Vida Silvestre, FEySA, Fundación Humedales & Valos) / Universities / 6 cientific institutions (CONICET, IANIGLA, IADIZA, INTA, RARNAP, MAPSA), international organizations (AGA & MIREN) & Government of Mendoza province

Project details

Description: Protect forests, water and soil quality by implementing sustainable mgmt. of micro-watersheds (e.g. agroforestry) & training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices. To know more – Fundación Villavicencio was created to collectively manage the Villavicencio Natural Reserve in Argentina through eco-responsible citizenship. Its pillars for action are: education for sustainability, conservation of historical archaeological and biological heritage, protection of water resources and ecosystems, and support of scientific research. The watershed preservation plan covers 72.000 ha, is designated as a Site of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention, and has safeguarded 250 fauna and 327 flora species. In 2019, nearly 5000 children participated in its educational program, and the site welcomed a total of 240,000 visitors.

  • Mitigate climate change

  • Support livelihood of local communities

  • Restore biodiversity through habitat restoration & increased connectivity

  • Avoid further ecosystem conversion

Restoration actions: Reforestation with native trees, control of invasive alien species & conversion avoidance (cattle withdrawn, avoidance of large vertebrates & birds hunting, fire forbidden, waste collection)

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